Focus and Scope

Journal of Innovation and Knowledge Research accomodates original research, or theoretical papers. We invite critical and constructive inquiries into wide range of fields of study with emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches: Humanities and Social sciences, that include:

  1. Culture (a unique study of performing arts and classical culture, traditional from various regions in Indonesia, and modern cultural arts such as dance, fine arts, and music art also includes the study of Indonesian literature on classical and contemporary literary issues)
  2. Religion (Study of comparative religion, study of pluralism and religious diversity in Indonesia)
  3. Sociopolitical Science/State Administration
  4. Media (Cultural studies and media, New Media and Contemporary Societies)
  5. Gender (Urban Culture, Gender bias, and gender inequality)
  6. Public policy (extractive public policies, distributive public policies, and regulative public policies)
  7. Development (economic and social development, urban and regional development)
  8. Environment (customs, social and environmental, land and natural resource utilization)
  9. Disaster (local wisdom and social culture, disaster management, community empowerment, survival and humanity, disaster and social emergency response organizations)
  10. Tourism (ecotourism, tourism management, religious tourism, urban tourism, and cultural tourism)
  11. Agriculture
  12. Education
  13. Health